Bank Foreclosures

MLS NumberAddressSchool District

20156238801 Benton, LongviewLongview ISD
 2015682     212 Enola Mae, Marshal          Marshall ISD
 201571651931 FM 1795, Hawkin           Hawkins ISD
2015625513348 FM 2710, Lindale Lindale ISD 
153625658 Hays, MarshallElysian Fields ISD 
20154255116 Honeysuckle, BeckvilleBeckville ISD 
201569232301 Lilly Street, Longview Longview ISD
 20157163106 Lyle Street, GladewaterGladewater ISD
 201556191213 Mahlow Street, Longvie        Longview ISD
 201571661608 Mockingbird, TylerTyler ISD
20156092222 PR 2533, LongviewLongview ISD 
201556249137 Raspberry, Frankston Frankston ISD 
20154233566 Sandlewood, Avinger Avinger ISD 
201569241520 N. Texas Avenue, Palestine Palestine ISD 

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